Kitsch-en collection, 2017. Available on the Mahlstedt Gallery 415NY.
From the 415NY website...
Carol Aldrighi is an illustrator who predominately works digitally, though she enjoys expressing creativity through various activities and media and always has since she was a little girl. She is inspired by anything that's around her and lets her mind wander and imagine abstract and colorful scenarios to give life to. She keeps notepads with her and always sketches out any design that comes to mind so it doesn’t get lost.

The main theme of all the works in the "Kitsch-en" series is a visual representation of food-related common sayings, with abstract meanings, surreal depictions and a lowbrow-inspired color palette. For this collection, the artist drew inspiration from pop art, surrealism and vintage food ads.

 All of her works have a more-or-less hidden message and while drawing, she feels like she’s infusing it into the artwork. Her works have some kind of layered structure that may not be noticed at first glance. There is a first layer, the surface, which is the actual artwork you see the moment you lay your eyes on it. Then behind it and within it, there always is a deeper meaning and if somebody manages to get it or even to just feel something while looking at it, the artist is happy because it means there's been a connection: that thing that was once only in her mind has now said something to another person.
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